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Blended families

Blended families, by their very nature, present unique challenges when it comes to estate planning. These challenges stem from the fact that these families often

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Strategies for the “Sandwich” Generation

If you are taking care of your aging parents and still helping your own children, you are part of the “sandwich” generation. If you feel as if you will never be able to go off duty because of all the people who make demands on your time and money, here are some strategies for the

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The Secret Retirement Account HSA

Medical care is one of the highest expenses in retirement. There is a way for you to save funds for these costs with a triple tax benefit. You do not get taxed on the money you contribute to your Health Savings Account (HSA), on the money you withdraw from it to pay approved medical expenses,

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It’s Better to Plan Ahead

It’s Better to Plan Ahead. Two stories of two people who managed their personal lives very differently illustrate the enormous difference that can happen for those who refuse to prepare themselves and their families for the events that often accompany aging. As an article from Sedona Red Rock News titled “Plan ahead in case of

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