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You’ve worked hard to give your family the life they deserve. It’s important to protect your assets and secure your family’s future. Living trusts are designed to do exactly that. However, everyone has their needs, requirements, and goals. It is important to seek the guidance and services of an experienced NYC living trusts lawyer who will provide you with customized solutions to keep your assets safe. 

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Frank Bruno, Jr. are experienced and highly skilled at assisting clients to protect their assets. We will provide you with a comprehensive plan to secure your family’s future. Contact us and schedule an appointment for a consultation with an attorney from our law firm. We will take the time to listen to your goals, examine your estate, and advise you on your options. Our attorneys will guide you in building a plan that protects your assets and ensures your legacy. 

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What is a Living Trust?

A living trust is a document that can help you protect your assets from probate. It can help to reduce the impact of probate or help your beneficiaries avoid probate completely. A living trust (also known as a revocable trust) holds your assets in the trust for your benefit for your lifetime. Upon your death, your assets will be transferred to the beneficiaries of your trust by the successor trustee. The successor trustee is the person you have chosen to oversee the distribution of your assets upon your death. 

The terms of a living trust can be changed at any time. You can even choose to cancel your trust entirely. This is why living trusts are also known as revocable trusts. 

Why You Should Consider Living Trusts

If you haven’t included a living trust in your plan for your estate, you may want to consider one for the following benefits. 

  1. You can keep your assets out of the lengthy probate process
  2. A living trust can help you save money by avoiding many of the expenses associated with processing a last will and testament 
  3. A living trust will keep your assets private. This document is a private document between the parties that are involved. It will not become part of the public record. 
  4. You can protect your assets in the event of incapacitation 
  5. A living trust will help to ensure the future of your loved ones and give you peace of mind. You will have the certainty that your assets will be distributed exactly as you wish. 

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Are you wondering if a living trust is right for you? Contact the Law Offices of Frank Bruno, Jr. to consult with an experienced NYC living trusts lawyer. We will help you learn more about living trusts and other estate planning options. We will evaluate your assets and circumstances to help you determine whether a living trust is a good option for you. You can trust our experienced team to set up a trust to meet your needs and requirements. We will work to help you achieve your individual goals. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Living Trusts in New York

Do I need a living trust?

While not many people think it is necessary, it is actually very beneficial to have a living trust. Having a living trust can help you avoid administration or probate proceedings. A living trust offers a lifetime of benefits including the proper management of your property in the event that you are incapacitated or rendered disabled by injury or illness. It is a good idea to have a living trust if you want to ensure that your children have something to inherit when you are gone. 

If you’re not sure whether you need a living trust or not, get in touch with the Law Offices of Frank Bruno, Jr. Schedule a consultation with an experienced NYC living trusts lawyer from our law firm. Our attorneys will review your estate including your assets. We will help you determine whether a living trust is a good idea for you. We will also provide you with guidance on the best way to approach living trusts to protect your rights, your best interests, and the interests of your loved ones.

Are living trusts different from a will?

A Will is the most common estate planning document that many people think about. A will is different from a living trust in that your estate will still have to go through probate. This is a costly process in which the court will distribute your assets through the executor you appoint in your will. 
A living trust on the other hand helps you avoid the probate process. A living trust will help to save the beneficiaries of your will time. It will also ensure that your estate is divided as you had desired and each beneficiary receives a fair share. It helps to avoid attempted contests to the distribution of your assets. Unlike a will, you will be required to move your assets into the trust itself. However, the overhead related to this process is much less of a burden compared to what will be required of your family in the proceedings of the will later. In addition, it is much easier to amend a living trust than a will. 

If you want to learn more about the different options available for the management of your property, contact the Law Offices of Frank Bruno, Jr. We’d be happy to provide you with the guidance you need.