Avoiding Skilled Nursing Facilities

Nursing homes strike fear into the hearts of the elderly and families of the elderly. Although these institutions have been re-branded as skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and they play a crucial role in providing specialized care for individuals requiring intensive medical attention and rehabilitation. These facilities offer a range of services from post hospital rehabilitation to long term care to cater to the diverse needs of residents.

Many seniors wish to steer clear of nursing home placement and continue residing in their family homes, where they have built decades of memories. However, a significant number of older adults may not have adequately prepared for the future, including changes in daily routines, adapting to new lifestyles, and making the necessary decisions to avoid nursing home placement.

The reluctance to discuss these topics often stems from the uncertainty of unforeseen health issues or accidents that might necessitate a move to a nursing home. Unfortunately, by avoiding these conversations, individuals inadvertently place burdens on their family members and limit their own choices. Successfully sidestepping nursing home placement requires proactive planning and consistent, deliberate actions on a day-to-day basis.

Avoiding skilled nursing facilities may not be something you can plan for and is out of our hands, but upon realizing the intricacies of estate planning along with the considerations of elderly care, it can be proactively undertaken well before crisis situations, strategically preparing for aging in place and circumventing the need for admission to a long-term care skilled nursing facility.

I recommend considering participation in one of our monthly Estate Planning Workshops / Webinars. You might also want to explore the option of retaining our law firm to aid you and your family in formulating a personalized Estate Plan. By doing so, you can explore strategies to cover in-home care expenses and establish arrangements that significantly improve the likelihood of avoiding placement in a nursing facility.

Collaborating closely with your attorney and your family members is also important. This partnership will help identify your goals, research, and secure relevant services, and establish a plan tailored to keep you in the least restrictive setting of your choice. Early planning is essential to avoid a skilled nursing facility, and initiating the process well in advance ensures the highest likelihood of success. While we can assist in crisis situations, initiating your Estate Planning journey before a crisis emerges is even more beneficial.